Saturday, February 12, 2011

Website Building Adventures of a Greenhorn

  Then came the moment of truth- some 4 years ago - when I could not avoid the confrontation with the monster called Internet: I needed a WEBSITE!

  This series will tell  what I learned ( hint: very little) during this time. It may be very useful for those who are similarly clueless in the jungle where bloodthirsty Domains ( Worldwildwebiscus domainicus var. comii, var. orgii etc.) and highly ranking Google officiers fight each other for survival every day. Don't even ask about the many other horrors of the place....yet.

  I am a hardcore DIY guy. I go into every challenge headstrong and I am not afraid of learning new things in order to achieve my goals. But setting up a simple website makes me sweat, have nightmares and so far has defeated every one of my attempts. Maybe not this time!

It sure looks like a costruction site hard at work. If only I knew what I am doing...

   How hard it can be to put up some information and pictures about my work , then sit back and allow Google to lead visitors to my site? At least how hard it could be for a person who  - at his early twenties - learned programming in Basic and Pascal, simply because he refused to make things manually , when a computer could do the same thing more precisely and faster. Sure enough I spent more time learning the basics of computers and then the not so basics of programming, than I would have with doing the chores manually.

Intermezzo: The first computer I encountered was a Commodore 64 ( ) . This little thing featured a staggering amount of memory ( 64 kilobytes ;  compare today's 2 gigabytes = about 3 million C64s , hehe)

   But - I thought at that time, nearly 3 decades ago - that learning programing would be a lesson well worth in the future. Hehe, I had not the vision to see how quickly digital technology would grow over my head!

    For the first few years I was doing OK. No internet at that time, at least not in Hungary. There were a few guys messing with bulletin boards (do not even ask what they were- I read this word in magazines). But really no internet - no problem.

    I wrote a few smaller applications for fun or for making life easier where a lot of calculation had to be done. At that time I  killed computer viruses with my bare hands.  (that spread on floppy disks - remember those? )We were in the DOS era and I had free acces to the pityfully small amount of system data: so when I saw funny text appearing, I just deleted those things.

   Then Windows came, but I still had much of the hardware and software under control. If  I needed a new controller, I purchased one and installed.

   Internet exlpoded into my life and I took the new terms like pills: web, browser, e-mail.

   My computers escaped  my control - I don't even know how to give myself full administrator rights to my Windows 7. The firewalls and virus scanners have complete control over my my life. When they say things like this: "Warning! A program is trying to access the internet !  Do you want to  allow cegerata.exe  to acces the internet ", I am speechless.  Mostly for the reason I have not a clue of what I am opening my virtual doors to.

  Sure, I still can unplug and plug in most of the hardware - if I can figure out what I should buy . The latter part is the real challange these days. I am not trying to say that my mental capabilities have significantly decreased, rather my priorities changed. That is OK, I guess.

I think , at this moment, that my website will look something like this. Unless I change my mind. Or scew up big time. Or something.

To be continued at a date that I will determine flexibly...=) Love and Peace to All