Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My artists statement - explained, but not finished.

I am currently trying to define myself as jewelry artist. I have been (mostly intuitively) making pieces that show - maybe too much - diversity. I keep telling myself: this no good, because people will have a hard time to identify you. But maybe that is exactly what it is, and more. I have been studying little cells and tiny molecules - all part of the great wonder life - for a long time. And one thing always amuses me: how is it possible, when everything in the universe is governed by strict physical and chemical laws, the manifestations and movements of matter and life are ever so varied. Let's see it through an example. The branching of trees (blood vessels, bronchy, kidneys, glands...) are governed by apparently strict rules and a few very simple (haha) fundamental mechanisms. Do not worry, I am not going to elaborate on these, at least not now. The result are however strikingly varied: from tree to tree, from my vasculature to yours. More than that the results are really amazingly random. Oh yes, we sometimes clearly see ( tree) and other times may not have a clue (kidneys)about the orchestrating force behind these fractal structures, but the result is always different, individual, unrepeatable.
In conclusion, I believe that trough my jewelry i would like to create a synthesis and deeper understanding of of this duality of the universe.

As one example I post this photo that I took of one of my latest creations. The shank of the ring is very regular, geometric. It's cross section is a section of a circle. The shank is split along the lines of two exponential curves. The surface is mirror finished. Two gold nuggets made by melting some scrap gold ( resulting in forms that would be excruciatingly difficult if not impossible to define by any functions currently known to humankind)are of randomly different sizes. They therefore can be fit between the shanks in different positions, one sticking out slightly more than the other. A (green)diamond (a geometric shape!) is set in each of the gold blobs. Note, that none of them are perfectly centered, because the highest point of the blobs are not centered as well. This way the irregularity of the gold nuggets resulted in a creations that is impossible to recreate if we follow the simple rules: make a ring shank from a low dome wire 10 mm wide,2 mm high. Split the shanks along the lines that are defined by x=a*y2(squared)+b. Form two blobs by melting some gold and solder the between the shanks. Set a diamond into each on the highest point of the gold blobs. Finish.

The picture is interesting because the reflection on the ring is that of a sculptured tree, forged iron. Circle is complete, next.


  1. ok---I am with you...I am having the same debate: should my artwork (which I am going to try to load this weekend) have a similar quality about it so I have a "look". Is a look good? Does a look say that you have figured it out? what if you have multiple looks? do you have a separate website for each one? For example, I like drawing two things right now: skelton girls and my character abra. they look nothing alike: different mediums, surfaces, lines, etc...I am thinking that I need to separate them...
    I will think more about your entry...maybe I don't....I am thinking too hard...getting a your design, btw.

  2. Fascinating entry. Love seeing your process and knowledge. Love the science that goes into your work.