Thursday, March 15, 2012

Diamond or Not

Diamonds have certain properties, that stand unmatched. This is not to say, that diamonds are better than any other natural or synthetic gemstone, it is only to point out the fact! Therefore when you are offered a "diamond alike" or "diamond simulant" or "diamond substitute" you are being lured into an area of drifting sand.

It is important that keep your objectives clear: There can be many reasons you do not want to buy a diamond, and just as many reasons you don't want any of the "substitutes". Consciously keeping your objectives in focus, head clear during the decision making process will make it sure, that you will be happy with your gemstone, whichever you choose.

Car buying is an experience, that most of us have to face quite often, so I will use examples from this area to help the reader relate. What would you think if the car salesman offered you a  "Porche substitute", for example a Cadillac CTS because it has a 3.6 L engine, just like a Porsche 911? Wouldn't you get a spasmodic laughter if the salon offered Smarts as "Porsche simulants" just because they come in red?

Just to make it clear: I own a Smart and I am perfectly happy with it, although one day I may be able to get a Porsche, that is one of dreams. But I am content with my purchase, because I kept my focus and managed to call my car on its name.

In the following posts, I will compare some synthetic and natural gemstones, that can be great or bad choices as center stones or accents and often sold as "diamond substitutes".

It's not even red! 

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